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Sometimes I want to minimize distractions on the screen. It is easy for some applications, browsers and pdf readers usually have a fullscreen option.

Is there a way/software to only show one application and hide everything else (including taskbar) for Windows?

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Some utilities by Skrommel :


Make all windows but the active one transparent.


  • User defined transparency level.
  • Can ignore always ontop windows.
  • Won't make parent windows transparent while children is active.


Dims all windows except the active one.


  • Place a transparent image across the screen.
  • Highly configurable.
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You can right click on taskbar, properties, mark the automatically hide taskbar option. It will hide it until you carry the mouse cursor again to that area. You can set a different place for the taskbar, does not have to be in the lower area. For a fast minimizing of all windows, you can right click on taskbar, then hit 'Show desktop'.

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