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My home network is built using Wi-fi. I ping my home router


from PC and receive nice ping time < 1ms. But every 2 minutes ping time gets high ~2000ms and then goes normal again < 1ms. When I ping my router from notebook I receive similar behavior however high ping time is about ~100ms. These ping hops happen every 2 or 3 minutes but not in the same time on PC and notebook.

Router is Linksys WRT54GL with standard Linksys firmware, PC Wi-fi adapter is Linksys WUSB54GC 1.0 with Ralink drivers(default drivers have the same issue), Notebook(Asus U30JC) Wi-fi card is Atheros AR9285. PC - Windows XP Notebook - Windows 7

The problem is very similar to this one. wi-fi connection drops periodically for a few seconds I have tried to use WEP or no security but ping hops still remain.

How can I fix these ping hops?

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The solution is to use Ralink Wireless Utility instead of default Windows Configuration (Zero Configuration). I have followed the steps described here and installed the application. Ping hops are still present but the highest ping time is ~15ms what is unnoticeable.

I have tried Linksys firmware v. and dd-wrt firmware for my router but it didn't help.

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