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Hi I installed solaris from its file browser i can access computers in my windows network with:


however I cannot find how to access it from terminal.

ls smb:///
smb:///: No such file or directory
ls vol
dev dsk rdsk rmt
ls mnt
nothign here...

can anyone help please? i want to access this smb from terminal... thanks

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The terminal doesn't know about URIs (which is what smb:/// is), only files and directories and such.

You will have to mount the remote share into the local filesystem - not sure how you'd do that in solaris off hand, but on Linux it's with the mount.cifs program, or on FreeBSD it's mount_smbfs

The other option is to use the smbclient command line tool to interact with a CIFS share.

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If you are using Solaris 10 or older, there is a commercial product named sharity that provides CIFS mounts:

With OpenSolaris and newer (Solaris 11 Express), cifs support is included:


man mount_smbfs
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