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I need an ebook management software that can easily organize my ebook collection and have built in book reader. Mostly I have pdf files.

I want these features:

  1. It can read the metadata like author, ISBN, release date, etc.
  2. It should be able to display the book collection neat and in a organized way.
  3. Tag based sorting.
  4. It should make a database, not just a book directory.
  5. The book adding and properties reading features should be automatic.

I have tried koobit, calibre and alfa book manager; but these have their own limitation on one or two features, and I found alfa book manager to be closest to my needs.

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Calibre is a very powerful program, and should do all the things you're listing. What's missing? If it's deficient in any way, perhaps you could appeal to the author? He seems willing to take and implement suggestions. –  afrazier Aug 23 '11 at 17:26
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You should try http://www.mendeley.com/. Though not exactly aiming at what you need, it seems it could easily cover your requirements.

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