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My network configuration is as follows:

  • One desktop is connected by a network cable to the wireless router
  • My laptop is connected to the Internet by WiFi (2nd floor)
  • The laptop shares the Internet connection with my second desktop via a network cable (2nd floor)

I'm able to share folders between the first desktop and my laptop using Windows 7's HomeGroup. However, how can I share folders between the laptop and the second desktop? It seems that using the HomeGroup won't work for this configuration.

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No, it won't work for this configuration - the homegroup cannot span more than one network segment, and you have 2 segments here.

Try browsing on your upstairs desktop to the IP address of the downstairs machine prefixed with \\ in the start menu's search box. Say the downstairs PC has IP address you would use:


And the resultant window should contain the shares.

You won't be able to go the other way as your laptop is in the way.

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Thank you for a simple and elegant solution that worked :) – Jonathan Apr 7 '11 at 11:46

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