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I have an old ICQ account that is attached to an old email. I don't know which email account it is, as ICQ just says my password was emailed to

I own that domain still, but it's on godaddy now (it used to be a freebsd server in my closet). Is there a way to check postmaster failures that are sent to my domain on Godaddy? I'm sure the ICQ site is sending requests for my username to the domain I own, but I don't know how to see that request...

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You could set up postmaster (or a new account) to be a catch-all email account (anything that does not have a mailbox or alias or forwarder will be delivered to this account). In this way it can send to and you will receive it.

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That worked! I got the email. Now I can talk to my 1 friend on ICQ :/ lol thanks! – firebellys Apr 5 '11 at 18:20

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