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So many times, I would like to add a directory to the PATH in windows. And I think the GUI for it must be the must stupid GUI ever developed in windows, yet it's there since ages, in an unmodified form till in Windows 7.

My question is, that do you know any freeware tiny application which could let me do something like:

  • add current dir to path
  • edit path directories

To a context menu, for example? If you have a custom solution using Total Commander, it's equally as good, as thats where I spend most of my time...

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There may be more elegant solutions possible (this is a little kludgy), but off the top of my head:

-Download this program and extract to c:\wherever

-To automate things a bit, you could add a right-click context menu for folders that points to that program (these instructions are for XP):

-Start, Run, Regedit (be careful, backup your machine first, etc. etc.)   
-Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Folder\Shell    
-Right click on shell and choose "New Key"    
-Type PathMgr <enter>    
-Right click on PathMgr and choose "New Key"    
-Type command <enter>    
-Click on command    
-Double-click on (Default)    
-Type c:\wherever\pathmgr.exe <enter>

-Then in the future you can either:

-Right-click on a folder and choose PathMgr and edit away

or, to add a folder:

-Right-click on the folder you want to add and choose "Copy"    
-Right-click on the folder again, choose PathMgr    
-Click on the insert button to insert a new path    
-Right click on the new path entry you created and choose Modify, via Paste    
-Apply, Exit
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