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I think a friend messed up something in my monitor. I left him playing a game and when i came back, i noticed that the brightness was very high. I tried to change it but i couldn't, brithness, contrast, color warm and a few other options are marked as "not available" (he probably adjusted the brightness and changed something else too, that it's causing this thing). I updated the monitor driver, the vcard driver, plugged the monitor in other pc (I'm connected through dvi, but in the other pc i plugged through rgb) but nothing fixed it. Is there someway to force reset all the options or something like that to fix this? (I'm running Win7 RC1 but I don't think that it has something to do with it, it was working perfectly until he messed it up, and the other pc where I plugged it, runs winxp and the problem occurs too. And it doens't look like a the monitor is broken, it works like it always did, just these options are marked "not available" now...)

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Are these settings in Windows or in the OSD (on screen display)? He may have set it to "custom" in the osd –  DrJekl Aug 20 '09 at 19:43
In the osd, when i press the "menu" button below the monitor. Can you better explain? Set custom in what option? What it should be then? –  Sávio Mendes Aug 20 '09 at 20:53
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On my LCD, choosing a specific color temperature/profile disables the brightness and contrast controls.

If I return it to "User", they'll all come back.

Maybe your screen is similar?

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Your monitor is set to dynamic contrast. Put it to custom. Its in the monitors settings.

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