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I am having trouble with moving windows for all kinds of programs. Frequently, when I attempt to drag a window to move it somewhere else, I click too close to the top of the window, so my "drag" attempt becomes a "vertical resize". I never want to resize a window by dragging on the top boundary, I am perfectly okay with using the other three sides of the window to resize.

Is there some kind of setting or program I can use to disable this behavior?

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See my answer here for an understanding of how the windows border works: – David Ruhmann Dec 18 '12 at 18:58

You could use Alt + Space to enact the window menu, then m to move. The cursor then snaps to a point near the top of the window for moving. It's an extra step, but might be worth it for you.

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Thanks, though when I'm running into this problem it's usually because I'm trying to quickly do something else and so I miss the drag zone by a couple of pixels. I was curious if there's something I can do to disable the resize so I don't have to worry about forgetting steps. Maybe it's just a habitual thing, my primary os is OS X and the title bar can only be used for dragging there. – Troyen Apr 6 '11 at 1:42

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