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I have been using JungleDisk which in my case does cloud backup on Amazon. I had to do a full restore and I was getting only 10% of bandwidth on restore (6 Mbits/sec for a 60 Mbits/sec tested link). Similarly on upload I as getting 3 Mbits/sec on a 25 Mbits/sec tested upload link. The support person told me that 10% was the best their engineers could do. That when I made a request for an entire folder with 8,000 files be restored it had to make one request for each file instead of sending the entire folder request to the server. Amazing.

So, I'm looking for a backup service that can use the full bandwidth. BTW, I'm in NYC, a major metro area (23 million) where Amazon should have a server.

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Are you positive you didn't confuse MB/sec and Mbits/sec? – Nate Apr 5 '11 at 19:22
I state correctly: M Bits/sec not M Bytes/sec. The tech guy said that perhaps if I wanted high speed backup I should have an external disk. I simply want a provider that can program computers so that when I send a request for a restore of a folder which has 8,000 files it sends one request and fulfills it rather than 8,000 separate requests. They apparently don't even buffer the requests and that is why it uses so little bandwidth. So, does anyone know of a cloud backup service that will use full bandwidth of 60 M bits/sec down and 25 M bits/sec up? – David Apr 6 '11 at 16:12

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