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Here's a Windows software problem. I have some software that requires that the volume levels on my audio devices be set just right. In the course of listening to music, using Skype, etc., the volume levels get changed by various other pieces of software.

What software (preferably free/open source) is available that will allow me to set up my audio volume levels just as I need them and then save that configuration so that later I can restore my volume levels to that saved state with just a few clicks?

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You can use Audio Sliders, which should allow you to save and restore volume levels.

From the website:

Audio Sliders is a Volume Control replacement that is 5 times smaller than the Windows version. The smart, user-friendly interface lets you change volume, bass and treble levels, group playback and recording controls within the five custom layouts and gives the ability to save and restore volume levels.

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This should work fine, and it is free. – chris.haueter Aug 20 '09 at 21:39

AudioSphere is not free, but probably the best match for your requirements.


*  The fastest access to all controls on one compact faceplate:

volume, balance, bass, treble and mute. No more hassle with any additional dialogs and confusing controls * One click to normalize all the settings * All functions are accessible via the customizable system wide hotkeys * Customizable presets. One for games, second for MP3 listening, third for audio CD, or any other way you wish * Presets buttons on the system tray * Analog clock * Customizable colors, icons and other options to tune the program right up to your need

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Thanks for the response. – chris.haueter Aug 20 '09 at 21:39

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