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I've downloaded the Java RESTClient tool, which is a Swing-based GUI app. Unfortunately, there is no .exe to launch like with other apps (at least those I've written in .NET).

Instead, I have to launch this command every time:

java -jar restclient-2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Is there a way in which I can automate launching this command?

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You don't say which environment you are in. The automation varies accordingly.

  • For graphic environments create a new application launcher. You will need to set the desired directory and specify the command to use.

  • For command line environments put a script in on your path that runs the command.

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Put the command in a file named restclient.bat.

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If you're in a windows environment with a normal Java installation, you should be able to just create a shortcut to your restclient-2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar file, and let the shell association for .jar handle the rest.

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You could use java webstart, look up the jnlp syntax. Its great if you want to launch from a web page for instance.

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