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Possible Duplicate:
a safer no password sudo?

I'm trying to do a physical to virtual using the "VMWare VCenter Converter Standalone". The Convert Machine Window provides a the option to provide source ip, username, password, and the OS family. It tries to query the remote machine with all these information, but then shows the message.

Unable to query the live Linux source machine. Please make sure that you can execute sudo without entering a password when logged in to the source machine over SSH as 'username'

How do I configure the 'username' account to do sudo without a password? (and err ... still sleep peacefully :P)

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I disagree that the linked is a duplicate. the linked question is asking about "is my password the problem...". this question is just asking. "how do you use sudo without password?" – Trevor Boyd Smith Sep 15 '11 at 13:25
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In the sudoers file add the NOPASSWD: tag infront of the commands you want to be able to use.

If the user is in the admin group, and you want the user to run all commands without a password you want:


The admin line without the NOPASSWD: is probably already there - just insert the NOPASSWD: bit.

Obviously modify this for your own particular setup.

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yeah ... worked. – Tathagata Apr 5 '11 at 22:58

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