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I am using Windows XP, with an Apple aluminum keyboard (the full one). It has multimedia keys at the top, and those work just great under Linux, regardless of the multimedia player I use. But I can't seem to get them working under Windows with, say, Winamp.

I would want to be able to do simple things as previous, skip next, play/pause/stop and volume control.

Thanks :-)

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Enabling Buttons on Apple Keyboard in Windows:

I recently picked up, and am liking, the new “wafer thin” aluminum keyboard from Apple. Its very small, I like the key action and it’s very solid considering it’s size and thickness. But, I use it on Windows, and there’s no driver available other than the standard keyboard one, so the extra keys like media controls aren’t enabled. I came across a freeware macro program called AutoHotKey that works very nicely, and wrote up a few little scripts for it. You can download AutoHotKey and run the scripts yourself, or you can download the compiled version here and just pop it into your Startup folder.

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Link only answers don't really add much to Super User. Could you outline the basic information of something of that nature instead of just dropping a link? – DMA57361 Jul 4 '11 at 14:45

I've been looking for the same thing and found a convenient little tray tool that does just that:

  • Maps iTunes keys to media bindings
  • Maps volume keys to volume control
  • Displays OSX media action overlays

Despite the name it works flawlessly on the wired version of the Apple Keyboard

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