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Does anyone know how to install pecl for mac os x 10.6. I have tried googling with no luck.

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this possibly should be a superuser question, what pecl plugin you trying to install because it may be available via macports? – anthonysomerset Apr 6 '11 at 12:43
Good question. Trying to figure it out myself. – Andrew Jun 2 '11 at 16:44

PECL should ship with PHP on OSX 10.6. If not, it may be a part if the development libraries packaged with OSX's install disc. You can identify if it's installed by typing the following in your (should return a path).

which pecl

If your unable to find PECL

Sometimes it's easier to re-install PHP. Look into macports, or homebrew. Both package managers ship the latest PHP5 (including PECL).

Verify PECL is working

Updated your local database with the latest packages, and install a simple package (like bbcode.)

sudo pecl channel-update
sudo pecl install bbcode

Install a PECL package without PECL

This is hit-n-miss depending on the package. To install a PECL package manully, you would follow the traditional ./configure, make, and make install process.

# Download the package
curl -O
# Extract archive
tar zvxf bbcode-1.0.3b1.tgz
# Change directory
cd bbcode-1.0.3b1
# Apply local php settings
# Run configuration script
# Compile
# Verify build
make test
# Install on system
sudo make install
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