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I have more then 15 different scripts - bash, perl etc ( I run the scripts on Red Hat Linux)

I want to pack all scripts by RPM. How to do that?

For example I want to do

 rpm -Uvh all_scripts_pack

and then to get all script under /root/New_DIR (the rpm need also to create the New_DIRdirectory)

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rpms should never touch user's home directories; place the scripts in /usr/sbin instead.

Put all the scripts in a tarball then use one of the many rpm creation guides to construct the spec file.

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I fear it will be impossible to actually answer this question fully. There is however a lot of documentation out there on this subject.

To begin with, I'd suggest taking a look at Its an very quick guide that helps you build an rpm for a "hello world" binary. Its slightly more complicated than you need, what with the make's & make installs but I'm hoping you can remove the steps you don't need and modify the rest accordingly.

If I find an example for packaging bash scripts I'll edit my answer but surprisingly I haven't found one yet.

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