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I'm a bit tired of searching for the optimal solution to multi monitor setup in Linux.

  • I don't want to spend money on a Matrox TripleHead2Go.
  • Multi monitor on SLI for Linux doesn't work, check this thread and this thread.

The question is, if I buy two video cards without SLI support, will they work?

My plan is to connect 3 monitors, this card has two DVI ports for each one.

UPDATE: I bought them (see my answer below)

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I don't use Linux but there's no need in Windows for SLI support (in fact, SLI can PREVENT you from using some of your extra video outputs!) – Shinrai Apr 6 '11 at 19:17
For those that are voting off-topic: Watch twice, this is not a product recommendation but a request for advice that is necessary to decide what he can buy. Read Q&A is hard, let's go shopping before closing... – Tom Wijsman Apr 6 '11 at 22:48

If that does not work an alternative is to use a Pluggable USB video adapter, it seems to work under Linux with kernel 2.6.31, and it is relatively cheap (less than $50).

I use this one

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That video card should work fine, but you will probably need to install NVidia's properitary Linux drivers for the best performance. (Many distributions, including Ubuntu, make it easy to install third-party drivers in their graphical interface and will prompt you if they detect you can make use of these drivers.)

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Using 3 monitors is not easy at all. In this case I would suggest you to buy an ATI graphics card with three or more ports. I personally don't use ATI's, but my colleagues told me that the multi monitor support of ATI os much more advanced and usable than the nvidia's.

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I think that's true (ATI support vs Nvidia support), read my answer on why. And, about having a card with 3 ports, it may not support the three monitors at the same time. – kmels May 17 '11 at 22:58

I bought them, and using Ubuntu 11.04 configured them with xorg, with a little help of the "nvidia-setup" command.

Everything runs fine, the tree monitors, even two of them rotated. The only problem is that xinerama breaks RandR but that's a bug in Nvidia's drivers.

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