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I have a Nokia 5800, whose owner has forgotten to back up contacts regularly and now the touch screen conveniently died, just after the warranty expired.

Is somehow possible to extract the contacts from the phone?

For example boot the phone into a terminal/service/debug mode, or control the screen without using the keyboard. Using PC Suite is no good, because the default option after connecting USB cable is "USB Mass Storage".


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Does the user has set up an Nokia Ovi account and has he/she ever used the Contacts service? If so, their contacts are synced automatically and they can access the contacts via web: contactsui.ovi.com/contacts –  Gani Simsek Apr 7 '11 at 9:18
Did you try with new Ovi suite? On some phones form that series (I haven't tried it with 5800), it would switch automatically when phone is connected and Ovi is running. –  AndrejaKo Apr 7 '11 at 10:12

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I had a similar problem w/ Nokia 5130. The keyboard was broken. Only the on/off worked, so when I hooked it up, I couldn't even chose which mode should work w/ PC Suite. The program told me to change the mode on my phone, which was impossible.

What I did was just keep turning it on and off, while the PC Suite program was running. Finally the program just started synchornizing and backed up my contacts.


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I have hit a same issue here with Nokia 202 touch screen. Touch Display gone, While connecting to OVI suite it was asking me to select the "Ovi suite Mode". But display isn't working.

In the PC OVI Software, it said connected in in-compatible mode. Just to try a luck, clicked "Edit contacts" button in the PC OVI software.

That made the trick, it automatically changed the mode of connection.

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I have a Nokia X6 and I had a similar problem. the touch screen is not working and I wanted to access my contacts. All I did was install Nokia Suite, connect my device a couple of times and it's done.

I was then able to sync my contacts, messages everything. From there you can export your data or whatever else you would like to do with it.

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