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Currently I'm trying to deploy BugNET application on my machine following their official document. One of those steps is to change the security property of the published folder proceeded as below screenshot - providing Full control for the selected IIS user on the folder.

I want to write an batch/.bat script that can automate this manual task when executed. Is it possible and if it is, please show me how. Thank you! enter image description here

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Here's what I use when installing a PHP application on IIS 7.5 and want to give the 'Everyone' use Full Control (F) to the 'Cache' folder. I also include Object Inherit (OI) and Container Inherit (CI).

icacls cache\ /grant Everyone:(OI)(CI)(F)

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@Evangelist Thank you! What does icacls stand for? – Nam G VU Apr 12 '11 at 6:56

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