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Is there a windows vista sidebar widget that shows temperature from sensors inside the computer? I have found Speedfan. Would like something that runs as a sidebar widget.

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is this question for Windows Vista? if not what operating system do you want this for? – rzlines Aug 20 '09 at 21:30
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SpeedFan Temperature Monitor

This is a Yahoo Widget - uses SpeedFan, a popular utility, to display your processor temperature simply and concisely.

alt text

Some Gadgets for Vista - take a look

Have a look at this thread, also for Vista you need Everest for it though

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I think that there are a few free ones if you want to use Yahoo Widgets, however I can not advise one over another. For Windows ones I have searched for you as I have not seen one and want one myself!

All that I could find for you (both by Googling and looking at the official gallery) was this:

It ties into Everest (which is a good program) but I do not know if you can use this on the trial / if you do not activate and just leave running.

I am unable to locate a completely free option for you on Windows.

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I suggest giving Samurize a go.

The amount of community addons/widgets is so vast, it is ridiculous.

It can be customized by anyone, and I mean customized. Just look at the example screen shots page.

It is a widget manager on steroids.

Oh, did I also mention that it is completely free?

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I use coretemp, not a widget, but a taskbar app. Works great, and it's visible when my sidebar is blocked by my browser.

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Everest can display gadgets on your desktop (though it's not free). It's pretty configurable; I have it configured to show this temperatures:

alt text

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