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I'm cleaning up and extending some excel VBA macros (written and currently running in Excel 2003), and I have a question about how far I can go in cleaning up without modifying the output.

There are sevral ActiveWindow.Scroll or similar entries in the macro. So far as I understand these only move the spreadsheet within the viewable window. Is this correct?

Just to expand and confirm: Removing Scroll entries should in no way affect the selected cell, row, or column the macro will be working upon.

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That is correct. These are typically just a side effect of recording a macro. You should be able to remove them without affecting your macro.

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Thank you for the confirmation. In my experience I've not found a case where they've done anything meaningful, but it's good to have additional confirmation they indeed do not affect data processing portions of the macro. – music2myear Apr 7 '11 at 20:10

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