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I re-installed my Windows OS today and wanted to install Linux Mint as a dual boot. Before the reinstall, I used the LiveCD Gparted to expand my C: from 25 to 30 GB. All went smoothly.

After the fresh Windows install, I went ahead and installed all the hardware drivers and other programs I need. Now I don't seem to be able to boot from LiveCD successfully.

On booting from CD Rom, it goes up until the screen with the Linux Mint logo and stays there (I tried giving it time, waited an hour and nothing).

Thinking something was wrong with the CD, I tried booting a USB drive. Used Linux Live USB creator to use the same .iso file to boot from. It seems to 'freeze' at the same point.

Formatted the drive, and installed UNetbootin and used the same .iso file. This time, booted it in compatibility mode. A few commands flashed by, no idea what it means. I've taken a picture, maybe you can tell me what it means?

The picture I took:

enter image description here

I've come across posts where they mention the Nvidia driver might be to blame, but I've got no clue how to remedy that.

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Soft lockup is a common problem with bad wifi drivers. Have you tried a different distribution? – John T Apr 7 '11 at 17:14
Have you ever been able to boot the LiveCD on this machine before? – Joshua Nurczyk Apr 7 '11 at 17:32
Yep, I was able to boot a LiveCD (with a CD ROM) today before I reinstalled Win XP. As far as I can remember, it won't let me boot any live cd after the reinstall. – Nikhil Apr 7 '11 at 18:25
@John T: Yep, tried with the Ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD (I have two). In botn cases, 'try Ubuntu before installing it' stops at the exact same place (the progressbar) – Nikhil Apr 7 '11 at 18:26

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