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We have Fujitsu RX100 S6 server.

  1. Originally there was a single 1066 MHz 4GB registered DDR3 module.
  2. We've bought 2x 4GB 1333 MHz registered modules.

After plugging-in the new modules overall frequency dropped to 800 MHz. Is it a feature or a bug? Because we've thought that the overall frequency is computed as a minimum from {1066, 1333} = 1066.

Thanks very much for any explanation.

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You may need to set in the BIOS the RAM Speed, I don't really know the layout of a Fujitsu Server Motherboard BIOS but you should be able to set it. Also mixing memory isn't really the best way to go about stability. If you're running a server you should consider having the same brand of memory to avoid any problems that can happen.

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The SPD of the new ram might have weird defaults which would require you to manually specify the settings in the BIOS.

According to this data sheet, it looks like there are 4 memory slots, and the server only supports dual-channel. That means that if you have all 3 sticks in you will be running single channel as they need to be installed in pairs for dual.

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