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I'm using IE8 on Windows 7. I'm trying to delete an add-on from my "Manage Add-ons" panel. But when I double click the add-on I'd like to delete, the "Remove" button is grayed out. Only the disable option is available.

I've gone to the path it points to and deleted that folder. I've also searched the registry to delete keys and went to Control Panel to uninstall the related installation package.

Any ideas?

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How to manually remove stubborn add ons in Internet Explorer.

Set a manual restore point

Double click the add on, you will get a pop up window, hit the copy button and save to a text file, close IE, then copy the Class ID number with brackets from the text file, then search (> Keys) (match whole string only) the registry for this string, then delete all found from the registry, there may be many of these unique keys, use F3 to find all of them.

Be sure to collapse the registry before you start the search.

enter image description here

. collapsed

enter image description here

enter image description here

Example Text:

Name: Groove GFS Browser Helper

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Type: Browser Helper Object

Version: 14.0.4761.0

File date:

Date last accessed: ‎Today, ‎April ‎08, ‎2011, ‏‎2 minutes ago

Class ID: {72853161-30C5-4D22-B7F9-0BBC1D38A37E}

Use count: 1

Block count: 21


Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

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perfect! worked great –  Emile Apr 8 '11 at 17:39

Get AutoRuns from Sysinternals (owned by Microsoft) and go to the Internet Explorer tab. You should be able to either disable or remove the add-on.

Or check in your add-remove programs to see if it's a program listed there.

Or, if it's not in add-remove programs, get Revouninstaller, which will allow you to uninstall items that are not listed in the windows add-remove programs.

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I used Hijack This from Trend Micro... I found the disabled addon that could not be removed, noted the name, Ran Hijack This, checked the box by the stubborn addon, then clicked fix. You should be very careful with this tool. The addon was a BHO, unfortunately not much of a browser helper.

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