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I have a set of USB drives (e.g. WD My Book) with different test data sets in different directories. I need to mount these directories as a drive letter.

To accurately test the behavior, this drive letter must act as a local, or non-removable, drive. A simple subst propagates the type of drive, in this case USB removable drive.

How do i get this drive to pretend that is is local?


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Try a virtual machine. You should be able to configure it with any combination of fixed and removable drives.

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Which one will allow me to specify which drives are removable? – Richard Haven Apr 8 '11 at 6:14
@Richard: I know that VMWare Workstation allows mounting a fixed drive from any file (you'd encode your data set into a "virtual disk" file) and also passthrough of a USB disk. In the first case, the guest OS will see a SCSI or ATA fixed disk, in the second case a USB removable drive. But other VM solutions should work as well. – Ben Voigt Apr 8 '11 at 13:38

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