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I have a set of USB drives (e.g. WD My Book) with different test data sets in different directories. I need to mount these directories as a drive letter.

To accurately test the behavior, this drive letter must act as a local, or non-removable, drive. A simple subst propagates the type of drive, in this case USB removable drive.

How do i get this drive to pretend that is is local?


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Try a virtual machine. You should be able to configure it with any combination of fixed and removable drives.

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Which one will allow me to specify which drives are removable? – Richard Haven Apr 8 '11 at 6:14
@Richard: I know that VMWare Workstation allows mounting a fixed drive from any file (you'd encode your data set into a "virtual disk" file) and also passthrough of a USB disk. In the first case, the guest OS will see a SCSI or ATA fixed disk, in the second case a USB removable drive. But other VM solutions should work as well. – Ben Voigt Apr 8 '11 at 13:38

there is nice litte app doing that for you

USBDLM can for newly attached USB drives check if the letter is used by a network share of the currently logged on user and assign the next letter that is really available reserve letters, so they are not used for local drives assign a letter from a list of new default letters, also dependent on many different criteria as the active user, drive type, connection (USB, FireWire), USB port, volume label, size and others extract the letter from the volume label assign letters for a specific USB drive by putting an INI file on the drive remove the drive letters of card readers until a card is inserted show a balloon tip with the assigned drive letter(s) define autorun events depending on many different criteria activate a basic protection against 'BadUSB' devices; USBDLM can ask on arrival of a USB keyboard device if it shall be activated

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