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I have installed in my macbookpro osX-10.5 the eclipse IDE, Version: Helios Service Release 2 Build id: 20110301-1815. I have the RSE pluging with ssh terminal. I am very happy with eclipse and the remote server file browsing but I have the following issues:

  • the remote Perl files are evaluated by my local Perl instead the Perl of the remote machine. How can I set that each remote connection uses its Perl?

  • the ssh terminal does not copy/paste with cmd-c/v only with the mouse. Any solution to be able to use the keyboard?

  • emacs -nw gets very confused with the line arragements and does not refresh properly unless using screen multiplexer

  • And my other main question. When connecting to the remote server and using emacs -nw, the meta key is ESC and I want to have it with alt. Inside the normal mac osX terminal was happening the same but there is the option of having the alt as meta key instead of ESC. How can I set that correctly when using eclipse ssh terminal (the properties does not allow you even to change colors.)? It is a bit slow to use esc instead alt in emacs and also my delete key invokes help :-(.

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