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How can you remove given lines efficiently in Vim?

I want to remove all lines which match this


I unsuccessfully ran:

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All I know is that I use the 'dd' command to remove a line – Joe Philllips Aug 20 '09 at 23:10
Thank you for your answers! – Masi Aug 21 '09 at 3:35
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To remove all lines that match div


To remove all lines that don't match div

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Works just fine to do what you want.

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Vim certainly isn't only used on servers. Potentially anyone who does any programming could benefit from this question. I certainly did, and I'm not affiliated at all with servers in my work. – Thr4wn Aug 20 '09 at 23:27
@thr4wn: superuser isn't the site for servers, that's serverfault. – John Millikin Aug 20 '09 at 23:28

In case of larger files, it might be faster to:

:%!grep div
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