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My hosting company makes all my usernames with a "@" in them.

curlftpfs user="" ~/domain/

For some reason I get in response

Error connecting to ftp: Couldn't resolve host ''

I think that it's trying to connect to without the password
(because of the @ sign)

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cURL is interpreting everything after the first @ sign as the domain to connect to. What you need to do is either fool cURL into working without the first @ sign, or find some other way of telling CurlFtpFS your username.

The former may possibly be done by replacing the @ with the URL encoded %40 - it may or may not work - try it and see.

The other way can be to see if there is a --username or --user parameter to CurlFtpFS that can be used instead of including it in the URL. I am not familiar enough with CurlFtpFS to know if there is or not off hand. The manual pages should tell you if there is or not.

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holy crap, I did this command sudo curlftpfs -o allow_other ~/domain/ And now for some reason I can't do an "ls" on my home directory! – Asaf Apr 10 '11 at 11:44
@Asaf: When you run ls, it calls stat() on each item in the directory; when it reaches ~/domain, it has to wait until curlftpfs responds. (For this problem, I usually put all remote mountpoints in a separate directory, such as ~/fs/ or ~/mnt/.) Since curlftpfs is FUSE-based, you can kill its process if it hangs for too long. – grawity Apr 10 '11 at 13:19

I'm wondering if you are missing the -o switch, so that your example above of:

curlftpfs user="" ~/domain/

should be:

curlftpfs -o user="" ~/domain/

Does that work?

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