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Using rpm -qlp I can get the content of an RPM package. How can I view the below scripts from the RPM package? (using say, cat, more or vi)

I want to print the following scripts (on my Linux machine) from inside the RPM package:

  • /home/Progect_ws/Progect/
  • /home/Progect_ws/DB_client/
#rpm -qlp CBS_Progect_WS-30_12.i386.rpm

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Use rpm2cpio but beware that it sends the cpio file to standard output, so you will want to pipe it to cpio to extract the files:

rpm2cpio CBS_Progect_WS-30_12.i386.rpm | cpio -idm
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Perhaps rpm2cpio is what you want?

It converts a rpm to a cpio archive witch you then can extract files from: cpio -id < yourcpiofile

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