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I'm developing a website on my local server on my Mac. So only computers on my local network can access the site right now right? How do I set up a port forward so that my friends on other computers in outside networks can access my website on my local server?

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The port forward would need to be set on the firewall, it needs to take an external IP/Port and know to forward it to your local PC.

How to do that varies with the firewalling software/router

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hi, sorry I'm ernesto11, I asked the question. So can you give me detailed steps on how to do that. I don't think i have any special firewall installed except for the default firewall. – user75890 Apr 11 '11 at 2:19
In short, its not a simple answer, there are a lot of variables. Your mac may have a firewall on it, it may not, your network probably does, how to configure your networks firewall/router is a very specific thing. You would do best to determine what your network connectivity is, and what firewalls are there. If you're at home, its probably just an ASDL router, if you're at work, then you need your network team to deal with it. – BugFinder Apr 11 '11 at 6:26

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