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I'm tired of mass forwarded messages and want to delete any future email that meets a criteria such as having more than 10 recipients in the TO: or CC: headers.

How do I set up such a filter in in Thunderbird?

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You should be able to create a rule/filter in Thunderbird, as far as I know...I don't have it myself, but here is a tutorial on:

Creating, Using & Editing Filters in Thunderbird

If you can't delete mails based on a rule/filter, I suggest just filtering out all messages with 10+ contacts and putting them in a separate folder, and then just mass-delete everything in the folder from time to time...

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Please, read the question before answer. – The Disintegrator Apr 11 '11 at 3:20
as in past tense, @TheDisintegrator? please make it more clear that you want to do this for mails already in your inbox, and not messages still to come – studiohack Apr 11 '11 at 3:21
You can use the built in message filters in both ways. but you cant create a filter like the one I'm describing, or at least, if you can. It's not evident. – The Disintegrator Apr 11 '11 at 3:25
Thunderbird allows you to run filters on both incoming and existing emails – random Apr 11 '11 at 12:48

You can install FiltaQuilla addon and write java script which does this.

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