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I am usually letting my (Lenovo, Win 7 Ultimate x64) laptop go to sleep after 15 mins, which is just perfect for me. With one exception:

Is there a tool or other tweak, that would prevent going to sleep if CPU load is consistently over 50% or download is above a certain amount of MB per minute? (that way, tiny "pings" and "downloads" would not prevent sleep, also serious up/downloading and (in my case:) image rendering would keep the machine awake until the job is done... then let it go to sleep.

Of course I can keep changing the power settings, but I am kinda lazy. And I am not keen on getting up at 3a.m. to tell my machine, that it's done and time to sleep. (Yes, various FTP and rendering tools have a shutdown-when-done option, but this is too specific for me)

Would be a darn useful feature (and add environmental friendlyness) for a not that small range of users, to have "additional sleep criteria", wouldn't it? And if M$ is not gonna do it, have a tool that simulates a click or mousemove to keep the computer awake as long as needed as a workaround.

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Shutdown Timer is a really good app that lets you customize your shutdown in all kinds of manners.

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I tried and bought Shutdown Timer that but finally I use NoSleep: You can easily setup global CPU and Network limits. Try it. – mgutt Mar 23 '15 at 21:42

download is above a certain amount of MB per minute

Works for Win7 and Vista only, early alpha stage... I need feedback :D

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I'm unsure if there is a way to do the measuring of the CPU load, however if you can do timings then I'd suggest using a bat file with something like the following:

@echo off
sleep 900000
SHUTDOWN -S -F -T 30 -C "Shutting down in 30 seconds."

This would wait 15 minutes and then shut down the computer in 30 seconds.

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