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Many times people around me fail to connect to SQL Server from other Non-Microsoft Applications.

Assuming that there is no SQL Server Client installed, what are the different ways we can troubleshoot the connectivity test?

I know of following 2 tests: 1) Telnet to SQL Server IP with port 1433. 2) Every Windows PC comes with SQL Server ODBC Driver. Goto Control Panel and setup a test ODBC connection for SQL Server and perform the connectivity Test.

Please add any other ways you would troubleshoot such problem.

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When the SQL server port and IP address are known,
the easiest method would be "TELNET server_ip port" like you have stated in your question.

To analyze what happens to the connect attempt,
you could add in Wireshark or tcpdump if available.
That will help you diagnose what is going wrong when the telnet cannot connect.

Sometimes looking at the netstat and arp results also helps.

Typical problems are,

  1. Firewall rules
  2. proxy settings and details
  3. network connectivity problems (temporary or otherwise)
  4. server failure (also happens)
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