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Related question:
How can I use the “Windows Live Call Button” on my headphone to answer a call with Skype?

Hi. Gnoupi wrote about this useful utility here;

Unfortunately, while the blog by J. Kay still exists, the download link seems to be broken & he doesn't respond to postings - perhaps he has moved on to other things?

At any rate, if gnoupi or someone else has the utility and wouldn't mind posting it somewhere else (or emailing it) - I'd be grateful as this is exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks, Yosh

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This is NOT a duplicate of "How can I use the “Windows Live Call Button” on my headphone to answer a call with Skype?" - that is precisely the entry I referenced in my post! Please read my post carefully and you will see that I am asking if someone else has a copy of the utility mentioned since the original Blog's link is broken. – yosh m Apr 12 '11 at 20:57
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Apparently the author had some personal issues, which he talks about here:

I’d like to apologize for being several weeks behind on comments. A number of events have happened recently including losing my primary file host, loss of employment and related personal issues.

Some of the download links were broken since my file hoster (which was kindly hosted by my former employer) no longer exists. They should be all fixed now and I quickly ran through them all. If you find a broken one, please let me know.

The download link present in the other question is now valid again.

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Thanks, Gnoupi, for taking the trouble to read and answer my question with pertinent info. Glad to hear that meanwhile J. Kay is back online - hope he finds another job soon. – yosh m Apr 16 '11 at 19:01

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