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I have a backup task already set up with simple-backup-config (Administrative > Backup Config - I think, because I'm using pt_BR loc and just translated my menus). It backups my home and some other folders to a different drive (just for backups), and I like it's logarytmic cleaning config, for example.

Then, I would like to use the same way to create backups of my /var/www folder to my ~/Ubuntu One.

Is there any way to create a second backup task like the first one?

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Doesn't seem possible with Simple Backup Config, as it can back up to only one destination folder.

Use some other backup software to set up your new backup task. I'd recommend grsync, a great front-end to rsync, or unison.

Another option you could explore is Back in Time, which also uses rsync.

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Back in Time fits perfectly for me! It works almost same way that simple-backup-config does. Thank you! – igorsantos07 Aug 24 '09 at 4:59

If the simple-backup-config does not allow multiple jobs, you can give cron a try.

Sample crontab:

*  0  *  *  * ~/

then in ~/


cp -f /var/www/* ~/Ubuntu/

depending on how you wish you backups to take place, you can remove the -f switch from cp and replace ~/Ubuntu/ with something like ~/Ubuntu/$(date)/ to show the date of each backup as opposed to overwriting your last. The current should overwrite your old backup with a new one.

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