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I'm considering buying the G930 headset and I'm trying to find out how heavy that thing actually is. Should be easy to find out, but apparently isn't...

I realize this is kind of a trivia question, but after clicking through dozens of review sites and spec sheets without getting a definitive answer, I figured I might as well ask here.

Logitech doesn't have the weight on the product homepage, and the few reviews that did include numbers don't agree on the weight. The numbers I found are 8.7 ounces (~250g), "more than 300g", 420g, and finally 2.2 pounds (that's the shipping weight, I suppose).

Maybe someone (a G930 owner perhaps) can give a definite answer?

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11.7 oz according to this page using search words "logitech G930 weight oz"


and this one

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