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Possible Duplicate:
Weird problem in windows XP - apostrophes and double quotes don't show up until the key has been pressed twice.

hello, if i press the key for single quotes or double quotes on my keyboard it enters them only after the 2nd time i press them.

i am on win7 64bit and using a US-engl keyboard.

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Windows thinks you have an International English keyboard; what you're seeing is called "dead keys" and is intended to allow you to, e.g., type the character ö by pressing "o.

To fix this, double-check that Windows is actually set to "US English" keyboard. If that fails, run a quick search for "windows disable dead keys" and you'll find many options for how to do so. (I had to do this myself when I got this laptop, but I don't recall which specific page showed me how, so I can't provide a recommendation for it.)

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thanks. yes it is set to us english. couldnt find any helpful link on how to disable those dead keys but will keep googling... – clamp Apr 12 '11 at 9:35
thanks Dave, this symptom confused the hell out of me – Steve Sep 3 '12 at 5:06

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