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I just had AT&T UVerse installed and received a new 2Wire modem/router as part of that. Previously I had DSL running a Linksys WRT54G w/ddwrt firmware. I remote desktop (RDP) into another machine on my LAN quite often, but since the uverse install sometimes it will not connect to the other machine - i can't even ping it. Usually a reboot of the client machine will solve the issue. To get UVerse speeds to my house they used bonded copper pair from where the fiber cable stops ~3000ft from my house. If I poke around in the 2Wire configuration screens I can see the two lines represented. I'm wondering if that has something to do with my RDP issue? Although I would think that would stop at the outside - and once inside my LAN it should not affect it.

So my questions are:

  1. Does AT&T UVerse w/bonded pair and 2Wire modem/router cause any known issues with using RDP within a LAN?
  2. If so any suggestions on how to solve my RDP issue?
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