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I can't figure out how to listen to voicemails sent to me through Skype. I've read that I should go to history, but I can't find that. I'm on Skype for Mac

I also can't see how to switch on and off my built in webcam. If I go to Preferences > Audio/Video, then I see myself on the cam, but there is no option to switch it on or off. When I leave Preferences > Audio/Video, the camera turns itself off.


  1. How do I listen to voicemails? (Skype for Mac)

  2. How do I turn the webcam on and off? (Skype for Mac)

  3. Does the camera work when calling on Skype between a Mac and a PC? (It used not to work between Mac and PC.)

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  1. I can't help you with the voicemail question. I don't use Skype's voicemail.

  2. You enable/disable video using the button that looks a bit like a video camera. You'll see this when you click on a contact: enter image description here

    Your mac will automatically turn on and off the webcam for you.

  3. Yes, video should work from your mac to any other Skype user - on mac, windows or linux - as long as they're using a version of Skype new enough to support video calls.

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In my limited experience (and I'm remembering a bit of a ways back here), the voicemail showed up as almost a "chat" on the left hand pane: (can't post images yet :( )

It's been a while, though, as I no longer pay for their services.

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