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hey guys, i have a dedicated remote server, where i have downloaded a file say of 1GB, now i want to place the file directly inside my local folder, now problem is i cannot download the same file from my local machine, as internet speed is too slow, so i want that once i download the file to remote server disk, i want a tool that will download the file to my local machine.. i do not have ftp available for this server.

can anyone help me with such tool available. for free. or can i do anything using asp.net to download it to local machine.

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It seems to me that your logic is broken, I will attempt to fix it.

You say that you have downloaded a file to your remote server and you cannot download the same file to your PC because your PCs internet speed is to slow, so I assume your remote server is not using the same internet connection as your computer (i.e. your remote server and your PC are not on the same local network).

If this assumption is true and your PCs internet is truly too slow to download the file then it doesn't matter what tool/service you use to transfer the file from your remote server to your PC as all such tools/services will require the internet to transfer a file from one place to another, thus no such tools/services can be capable of what you want. You may have to resort to using carrier pigeons.

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