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I would like to have various "profiles" for my network settings -- one for work, one for home network, etc. Changing a "network profile" would change my IP address and DNS server address for a network adapter, and if possible add or remove a route.

Is there some free software for that purpose?

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Here are some free products that can switch between configurations for network settings, including even printers and shared folders :

Eusing Free IP Switcher


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Note that NetSetMan is free only for non-commercial use. – Janis Veinbergs Feb 21 '12 at 9:04

TCP/IP Manager seems to satisfy the reqirements. Netprofiles also seems to work, but just for LAN connections under Windows 7. Netprofiles could not start on Windows 7 x64

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I've never personally used it, but Avanquest Connection Manager might meet your needs:

When you connect for the first time from a new location, Avanquest Connection Manager automatically selects the best available network. Connect quickly and easily to public WiFi hotspots in coffee shops or airports, in your hotel while travelling, when at home or in the office.

Avanquest Connection Manager detects your preferences for set up of printers, email, disk drives for each location, and saves them. When you come back to a location, with Avanquest Connection Manager, your default printer, email accounts, security settings, your web browser, and others, are automatically configured.

Detect, select and securely connect your laptop to different networks and peripherals automatically.

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