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Can one charge the computer itself with one of these ports? My Verizon car phone charger has an usb port available, so it can put energy out. If I connect this car charger to the usb sleep and charge port, will the computer battery charge?

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No, PC damage will result if you attempt this. – Moab Apr 13 '11 at 16:15

This sounds like an excellent way to damage the capacitors that supply power to the USB bus. They are only designed to discharge through a USB port, not charge.

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Most likely not, the computer would have to support charging by USB and have a specific port for it.

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Unfortunately, laptops consume a lot more power than the 5-volts @ 500mA that usb can provide. There's also a difference between "Host Ports" and "Downstream Ports" Host ports provide power, and downstream ports consume it.

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