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Is there a repository somewhere of the daily images used on the Bing homepage?

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Some related to your question is given in the below link:

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Noting: This is a Windows OS-specific solution. There are homebrew solutions for other OS wallpapers from Bing. Just noting here so you don't waste time if you aren't on Windows! – nyarasha Mar 18 at 15:56

This is an official desktop wallpaper feed that is hi-resolution. Nice and easy to install as well.

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This question is practically 2 years old, just FYI... The official theme will work, but it is only "the best of." If you want all of the images you'll need to use the fix kamleshrao linked to. – grooveDexter Apr 13 '11 at 0:07
This is also just for Windows OS, and isn't a general solution. If you have Windows there are several nice solutions ; I'm on Mac and have installed bing-wallpaper which takes a little doing. – nyarasha Mar 18 at 15:55

You can download high-res wallpapers from Bing using the instructions at (non-OS-specific solution).

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