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I need to set up a Windows Scheduled Task. It accepts 1 parameter/argument which is a path and can contain spaces. My Scheduled task does not work - it "breaks" the parameter up at the first space.

If I run it in the Command Prompt I can just wrap the argument in " " and it works fine, however, this does not work in the Scheduled Task UI.

e.g. C:\Program Files\xyz\FTP File Transfer\FTPFileTransferTask.exe "C:\Program Files\xyz\The Interface\Folder Path"

I have tried wrapping the argument with " " ' ' [ ] () and have tried filling in the spaces with %20, ~1 etc. with no luck.

I know of one solution to make a bat file and use " " around my argument but I don't want to add more complexity.

I tried it on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server and both failed. There seems to be no discussions on this?

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Are you putting the argument in the Program/script section or the Add arguments (optional) section when you edit the Scheduled Task? –  William Jackson May 19 '11 at 20:03
It would be helpful if you specified which program you're using exactly, as the correct wrapping of arguments is at the discretion of the program and not Scheduled Taks. WinSCP, for example, expects double quotes (""..."") when you have to nest quotes. –  Tobias Plutat May 23 '11 at 21:25
It's pretty unclear as to 1) what is failing, the task or your .exe, and 2)exactly what you entered and where in the TaskSched UI. Could it be that where TaskSched asks for a command (full path to executable), you are trying to give it a command-line (very different thing)? –  kreemoweet Dec 30 '11 at 21:42
Why against batch file? It makes things so simple! Or you can shoot for powershell script if you are feeling adventurous.. –  tumchaaditya Oct 31 '13 at 23:29

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In this case, you could work around the problem by passing your path parameter in 8.3 format.

You can discover the 8.3 format for your path by opening a command prompt and issuing the command dir /x in the root of your drive.

You should see an entry similar to

11/04/2011  12:10    <DIR>          PROGRA~1     Program Files

for your Program Files directory.

Then change directory to Program Files with cd "Program Files" followed by cd xyz and issue dir /x again to find the 8.3 format name for "The Interface", and so on.

Your final path for the example you gave would look something like:

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Thanks, I appreciate the answer, however this causes further problems. Basically I am calling an EXE .NET app which I wrote which uses this param folder path for something - it does not like the 8.3 format and cannot find the path. So, is there any other way to do it? –  Rodney Apr 15 '11 at 5:45
ps - So is this is bug in the Windows Scheduled Task app? Spaces are very common! –  Rodney Apr 15 '11 at 5:45
A quick test on windows 7 works for me. Can you walk us through the steps you took to set up the task, as there as various ways. Thanks for the edit there Gareth, looks much nicer. –  Keith Apr 15 '11 at 16:59
So the task runs ok with this formatting, but then my .NET program (which accepts the path as an arg string) does not uncompress the path from the 8.3 format. So perhaps it is a programming question - how to handle 8.3 paths? –  Rodney Apr 18 '11 at 23:38
I know this us old, but did you try hyphen (-) ? –  Chibueze Opata Apr 20 '13 at 15:03

I've worked with scheduled tasks and you generally put the arguments in its own text input box. This means that you point the action to the program/script field points to the exe and the "Add Arguments" field should have all of the parameters. (source)

Blog image

I believe this behavior was added to prevent spaces in the file path to the exe causing problems.

I do this all of the time with PowerShell scripts. Here is an example:

  • Program/script: powershell.exe
  • Add arguments: -command "& 'C:\HSD - Copy\logoffstudents.ps1' " -NonInteractive
  • Start in: Blank
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Thanks, but the problem is that one of my paramaters IS a file path (and has a space in it). So in your example 100 will work, but what if you wanted to pass "C:\Start Folder"? –  Rodney May 20 '11 at 4:55
I just use quotes in my programs and it works. The ampersand is only required with powershell. This symbol is the CALL operator and allows me to bring up a powershell command. In most cases, quotes is all you need. At this point, you might want to look into contacting the creator of the exe to see if they support scheduled tasks. I have run into a few rare programs that just refuse to run as a scheduled task. I think there are subtle differences on how the parameters are passed that can cause problems. Sorry I can't help more. –  Doltknuckle May 23 '11 at 19:39
At worst, you can restructure the folder to eliminate the spaces. It's not what you want, but it could be the only way to make it work. –  Doltknuckle May 23 '11 at 19:41
Thanks Doltknuckle - I know I could also do it with a .bat file (and use "" around the param (like you do in the Powershell script. I am sure it is a bug in the Windows Task editor UI... (I am the creator of the .exe ;) - It works fine through a test harness and from the command prompt but not through the Windows UI... –  Rodney May 24 '11 at 1:29
If you made the exe, this may be a question for stackoverflow. I have a feeling that you may need to modify your parameter handling when this exe is used with scheduled task. One suggestion is to have your exe log the parameters received to a file so you can see what is being passed. It would at least allow you to see if the scheduled task parameters are the same as the command line parameters. –  Doltknuckle May 24 '11 at 17:21

I had a similar problem with VLC, which I was using on Windows XP. The trick is to enclose the argument of the cmd command in double quotes.

Here is an example of what I used (scheduling a recording at 15:00):

at 15:00 cmd /c ""C:\Programmi\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe dvb-t://frequency=698000000 :program=4006 :run-time=5 --sout "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Documents\Video\VLC\test.mpg"""

Note the use of double quotes just after /c and at the end of the command (after .mpg). The argument with spaces in this case is "C:\Documents and Settings\..."

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Set your scheduled task as follows

cmd /c C:\Program Files\xyz\FTP File Transfer\FTPFileTransferTask.exe "C:\Program Files\xyz\The Interface\Folder Path"

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