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How I can tell my Win XP to again opening FTP folders trough normal explorer.
Since Internet Explorer 7 my windows do not opening links of ftp sites trough normal file windows explorer.

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IE8 says this when I open a FTP site:

To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

If the Open FTP site in Windows option is not available then make sure that the Enable FTP Folder View (outside of Internet Explorer) option is checked in the advanced options (Tools->Internet Options->Advanced).


Found a blog post by The IE Support Team on how to force Windows Explorer to be the default handler for FTP. You must edit the registry:

BEFORE (32bit)


@="\"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe\" %1"



AFTER (32bit)


@="C:\Windows\explorer.exe %1"



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You can Create a shortcut to (map) a network drive in Explorer via the menu entry File / Add a network location.

If user and password are required, use the syntax of :


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