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Synergy will not launch on ubuntu 10.10 64bit.

I have tried: -rebooting -removing and reinstalling Synergy -using previous stable and beta versions

but still nothing, any advice on the next steps I can take?

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Does it give you any errors? Is it the server or the client that's failing to start? Are you using the CLI tools or some interface like QuickSynergy? – Majenko Apr 14 '11 at 10:36

You can pass synergy a command line parameter to log everything:

synergys --log /tmp/synergys.log

You can pass the --log to the client side as well. If you're using a GUI utility to do this, there should be an option somewhere to set Synergy to output a log file. Running from the terminal, though, would be the best option to troubleshoot.

Unfortunately you're not clear enough on whether you're using Synergy with a GUI, if the Ubuntu box is the client, or things like that.

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