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Simple thing. I have a lot - and I do mean, A LOT (if it was possible to colour this in red, it probably would be red as well) of PDF/dejavu/word/plain jpeg files; mostly articles from my professional domain. Memories fade, and the mind works on something else, and more often than not I find myself seraching for that thing, I saw somewhere.

Titles, as it is customary in academia, rarely give anything away in relation to the content.

Is there somewhere a system which enables me to keep those files with their original names (relating to our library system) but that indexes them, and tags them, so I can search by titles and by tags, and by clicking on the interesting work open them in their associated viewer.

That way I can burn one part of my personal library to a CD/DVD ... upon placing them in the drive, a system(?) would open, giving me the names of the articles on the disc, or the ability to view the tags, ... I find what I want, and it opens them in Sumatra/Adove/Foxit... ?

Does such precious thing exists?

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I had good experience with tag2find on Windows.
I used zotero firefox extension.
Now, I'm using google documents.

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