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Is it possible to change this gradient to something else (preferably a solid color or the default gradual horizontal fade)?

Using Firefox 4.0 on WinXPx86 Pro SP3.

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You can disable the 'tabs on top' feature. Obviously you will lose that option but you'll get your usual title bar back, making Firefox 4 look a little more like Firefox 3.

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Sadly, Mozilla focused only on Windows 7 for their slick Firefox 4 UI. So, people get an additional title bar in older Windows'.

In a nutshell, no it's not possible. =/

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I would think it is possible but you would be changing the color of all windows title bars - not just for Firefox. To change title bar colors you right click on the desktop and select properties. You can change the appearance of windows somewhere in there.

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The thing is, no other window behaves this way. This is something special that Firefox does when you maximize it. – wes May 6 '11 at 23:28

Try playing with add-ons like Hide Caption Titlebar Plus.

For me it ended up looking like this:

Titlebar screenshot

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