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As a superuser, I created a superproblem in my computer :)

I like to see all hidden files to detect viruses and to learn more about the OS. So I show all hidden and system files.

Once upon a time I went to C:\Users\myuser folder.

There I saw some folders that have a shortcut arrow symbol (like folder shortcuts :D) and tried to enter that, but the access to them were denied. For example, "Meus documentos" folder (that is "My documents" in Portuguese). For them, I went to properties > security > advanced > owner and changed it to my user (also for subfolders...). It was fixed: I can now enter in that folders.


  1. I see later that these locations are the same of other ones (e.g. "C:\Users\myuser\Meus documentos" is the same that "C:\Users\myuser\Documents")

  2. When I use Windows search, there are more than one occurrence for files inside that folders (e.g. the same file is shown for "C:\Users\myuser\Documents" and "C:\Users\myuser\Meus documentos" locations)

Have you a supertrick to recover old situation (to cancel effects of my superproblem)? Please, I don't want Windows' System Restore solution - it is for "commonusers"... hahahah

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perhaps it could help me:… – kokbira Apr 26 '11 at 3:21

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