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Is there a configuration setting in Firefox that allows me to control using the arrow keys to scroll into a direction by 1 pixel?

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The closest I could find to what you want is to set the number of pixels which are scrolled by the mousewheel.

In case it's useful:

In about:config look for mousewheel.withnokey.action and set it (or create an integer value) to 4. Then find mousewheel.withnokey.numlines and set it to 1 (which is 1 pixel.)

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Great, thanks for that but I'm hoping this can be done to the directional pad only (which is still skipping) as I just also realized how much I use the mousewheel for scrolling, so keeping that setting on would be a real headache. – Moak Apr 15 '11 at 7:23

You can assign 1 px scrolling to Alt+mousewheel, just open about:config and change the mousewheel.withaltkey.action value to 4. 4 means Scroll the document by a number of pixels. Make sure the mousewheel.withaltkey.sysnumlines is set to false and mousewheel.withaltkey.numlines is 1.

Now you can scroll by one pixel by holding the Alt when using the mousewheel.

Here you can find some more details.

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